Lizi Jackson

Lizi Jackson

Baby Bear's Story

I've never liked porridge.

It's really unfair!

But that's what they give you

When you are a bear.

My Mum likes it cold

And my Dad likes it hot,

But I don't like food

That reminds me of snot.

It's lumpy and grey

And gets under my claws,

And holding a spoon

Isn't easy with paws.

I did try to tell them

Mum makes it too thick.

I did try to tell them

It makes me feel sick.

Sleeping Spell

The brightest stars plucked from the skies;
The drone of distant grumbling crowd;
The twinkling glow of fireflies;
A bed of soft marshmallow cloud;
A warm and velvet chocolate drink;
A soothing hand that strokes your hair;
Your mind devoid of thoughts to think;
A breath of calming summer air.
So close your eyes and rest, my dear;
You need not be afraid of sleep;
The morn will come, you need not fear,
So close your eyes and slumber deep.
There's magic in these words, my sweet,
So sleep cannot divide us two
But in our dreams I swear we'll meet.
So sleep my love, I'll wait for you.

And smashed it to pieces!

"Take that, Mummy Bear!"

She laughed in her delicate

Fairy-like way.

And then, just like magic,

She floated away.

When we arrived home

And we noticed the mess,

My mum started screaming

And I whispered "Yessss!"

The following day

(This bit's not in the book)

Mum served the porridge...

I growled with A LOOK:

"It's not only chairs

That can have broken legs!"

Mum ran to the kitchen

And cooked me some eggs.

But nobody listened:

They just didn't care.

"Of course you like porridge"

They said. "You're a bear!"

But everything changed

When we went for a stroll.

A fairy appeared and


The fairy (so beautiful,

Magic and golden)

Was cross Mum and Dad

Never heard what I told 'em.

She knew parents shouldn't

Make any kid eat

A food that the kid

Doesn't think is a treat.

She gave them a warning:

She picked up my chair