Lizi Jackson

Lizi Jackson

I Don't Like Cheese is Lizi's first published story, which her children inspired her to write. As a special needs Mum Lizi understands what it is like to be different, and she has always encouraged her son to be proud of his autism and to believe he doesn't have to be like everyone else to be happy.

Lizi's been writing poems and rhyming stories for her friends for over twenty-five years, so is extremely excited to have her name on the cover of a book at last!  Lizi is currently working on her second picture book, Hula Petula, as well as a children's novel about the life of a boy with autism.

“Lizi loves writing.  Sometimes she finds it easier than talking.  She also loves avocados, purple things, feeling brave, making people laugh, Harry Potter, her birthday, karaoke, Indian food, bedtime, buying presents, learning new things, and spending time with her children.

Things Lizi hates include running, spiders, getting up early, having to wait, mushrooms, bad manners, traffic jams, being too hot, speaking on the phone, losing, ironing, arguing, and getting sneezed on."

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